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  • March 2008: a link to Himetop has been created in the The History of the Health Sciences Web Links page (http://www.mla-hhss.org/histlink.htm), designed and maintained by Patricia E. Gallagher for the History of the Health Sciences Section of Medical Library Association.
  • 2012: Mitsuo Ishida, Hormone Hunters, Kyoto University Press, Kyoto 2012, pp. 272 (in Japanese)
  • 2013: reference to Himetop images in Raquel Gonçalves-Maia, Dos Raios-X a Estrutura Biomolecular, Editora Livraria da Fisica, Sao Paulo 2013, pp. 201
  • July 2014: reference to Himetop images in Caterina van Genoa, Vuur van liefde (Ingeleid, vertaald en van commentaar voorzien door Hein Blommestijn Titus Brandsma Instituut Nijmegen), Discovery Books, Leeuwarden 2014
  • September: photos from Himetop section about the invention of CT Scanner (Godfrey Hounsfield at EMI) are displayed on a blog about Abbey Road Studios by Cristina Moreno
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