Accademia di Medicina di Torino

The Accademia di Medicina di Torino in Turin (via Po, 18) is one of the oldest Italian medical societies. It was founded in 1846, when "King Carlo Alberto, through a Royal Proclamation in accordance with the formula in use in the Sardinian States, awarded the title of Royal Medical-Surgical Academy of Turin to the pre-existent medical-surgical Society"1.

Main promoter and first President of the Royal Academy was surgeon and professor Alessandro Riberi whose bust stands on a marble pillar in the center of the entrance hall of the Accademia. After Riberi, many renowned physicians - such as Michele Lessona, Giulio Bizzozero, Angelo Mosso, Cesare Lombroso, etc. - have been chairmen of the Turin's Academy: their names are engraved on the wooden portal leading to the Academy's assembly hall.

  • Photos by ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l#ihgroB acuL (June 2010), courtesy of Prof. Alberto Angeli, President of the Accademia di Medicina.

In the beautiful rooms of the Academy, many relevant medical memories are preserved, such as:


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