Afonso Cordeiro

This page lists items in the database related to Portuguese physician and philanthropist Afonso Cordeiro (b. Mogadouro, Portugal, 20 September 1867; d. 4 January 1926):

A short biography

Domingos José Afonso Cordeiro, was born on 20th September 1867, in a city in the interior North of Portugal named Mogadouro, around 200 km away from Matosinhos. After completing his medical studies at the Medical-Surgical School of Oporto in 1882, he lived in Matosinhos where he was considered amongst the population a very distinguished Doctor. He held the position of Director of Hospital de Matosinhos for several years. He also developed a political role becoming the first mayor of Matosinhos after the implantation of the Republic in Portugal in 1910. He is also represented in the local toponymy with a street with his name. He was married to Maria Idalina Maciel. He was always a loving supporter of all charities in Matosinhos. For instance, he was a member of the Administrative Table of the Confraria do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, from 1886 to 1894, and it was during his management and due to his initiative, that the Confraria acquired the land on which the Hospital and Schools were built. He was also a Doctor at Creche de Santa Maria de Matosinhos and it was under his presidency that this charity was inaugurated in 1916. He passed away on 4th January of 1926. (António Miguel Santos)

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