Agostina Pietrantoni's birthplace

Saint Agostina Pietrantoni - born as Livia Pietrantoni - was born on March 27th 1864, in Pozzaglia Sabina (via Pie' di Terra, 36), daughter of the farmer Francesco Pietrantoni and his wife Caterina Costantini. She became a nun in August 1887 and she worked in the tuberculosis ward of the Roman Hospital of Santo Spirito in Saxia where she used to take care of patients until one of them murdered her in 1894.


The following photos show the facade of Agostina Pietrantoni's house, located in Pozzaglia Sabina.


  • Photos and main text by Matteo Rinaldo Cervellini moc.liamg|79inillevrec.oettam#| and Francesca Panzini moc.liamg|iniznap69acsecnarf#| (October 2016)

- Andrea Angelucci, "Suor Agostina Pietrantoni (1864-1894): un modello e una patrona per gli infermieri italiani" (Tesi di laurea), Università Campus Biomedico, Roma 2014/2015, pp. 61

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