Agostina Pietrantoni's tomb

This is the church of San Nicola di Bari, located in the heart of Pozzaglia Sabina (via Corte, 12), where Agostina Pietrantoni's relics are preserved. Agostina Pietrantoni was killed in 1894 by one of the male patients of the Roman Hospital of Santo Spirito in Saxia1 where she worked as a nurse.

The first photo shows the facade of the Church which was built in XV century.


This photo shows the church inside. It is possible to see the large painting of the XVI century, which portrays the Crucifixion of Christ.


The last two photos show the remains of S.Agostina, located in the first chapel of the left wall, which is entirely dedicated to her.


In the center of the following photo there is a bronze urn containing the relics of S.Agostina; behind it, there is a mosaic portrait of her and on its right her statue.

  • Photos and main text by Matteo Rinaldo Cervellini moc.liamg|79inillevrec.oettam#| and Francesca Panzini moc.liamg|iniznap69acsecnarf#| (October 2016)

- Andrea Angelucci, "Suor Agostina Pietrantoni (1864-1894): un modello e una patrona per gli infermieri italiani" (Tesi di laurea), Università Campus Biomedico, Roma 2014/2015, pp. 61

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