Albert Mooren memorial fountain

Sculptured by Joseph Hammerschmidt, this monument commemorating the popular ophthalmologist Albert Mooren was inaugurated in 1910. By this monument and the address Moorenstr., the newly founded General Municipal Hospital Düsseldorf was clearly linked to Mooren's famous specialty clinics, operated by the municipality.
Mooren was promoted MD in Berlin 1854, supervised by the famous ophthalmologist Albrecht von Graefe. After several years operating a growing practice in his home town, he was invited by the provincial capital to found a modern ophthalmological hospital in Düsseldorf which opened in 1862. After retirement as director 1883 he kept on working for the Theresienhospital [LINK]. From 1868 to 1878 he also worked regularly at the Institut Ophtalmologique in Liège and for the Belgian court. Among other distinctintions he received a torchlight procession on the occasion of his 100,000th patient in 1880.

Mooren-Brunnen_vorn2c.jpg Mooren%20Memorial%20Fountain%20-%2001

Lit.: Jürgen Hoß, Albert Mooren. Ein Augenarzt im 19. Jahrhundert, Triltsch, Düsseldorf 1980
Pictures: Wikimedia, U. Koppitz; text: Thorsten Halling & Ulrich Koppitz

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