Alberto Cruz's bust

This bronze bust of Alberto Cruz can be seen in Braga (Largo Sra. A. Branca).

At the bottom of the statue it is mentioned in Portuguese: "A ALBERTO CRUZ MEDICO E CIRURGIAO / INSIGNE BRACARENSE E VIGOROSO / DEFENSOR DOS INTERESSES / DA REGIAO MINHOTA". This sentence translated means: "To Alberto Cruz Physician and Surgeon. Remarkable person of Braga and vigorous defender of the interests of the Minho Region".


On one side it is only mentioned, at the top, the date when he was born: 25th of January of 1890 in Braga.


On the other side of the statue, at the top, it is mentioned the date when he passed away on the 7th October of 1961 and below it is mentioned a sentence from Hippocrates in Portuguese: "ONDE ESTA O AMOR DOS HOMENS / ESTA O AMOR DA ARTE" which translated means: "Where is the Love of Men is the Love of Art".


Looking at the statue from the back, it is possible to see details of his surgical clothes.

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