Alessandro Fighera

This page lists items in the database related to Italian doctor and mayor Alessandro Fighera (b. Martina Franca, Italy, 1838; d. Martina Franca, Italy, 1903).


Alessandro Fighera's life

Following 1875 Alessandro Fighera married Marianna Carucci, an ill health heiress and they lived in her family mansion until the end of their days.
He has been one of Martina Franca’s most critical and essential political men.
He has produced astounding works: the “Ateneo Bruni” (the most historical school of the town), “Piazza XX Settembre” (the principal square of the town), Villa Garibaldi and the graveyard.
He also has established the very first sanitation system the town was to ever see.
In 1878 he founded the Radical Liberal Party. In 1882, he then came to be elected President of the prestigious “Operaia Society”, that’s to say one of the emerging group of that time, that still exists.
He kept in contact with a very important politically man, Giovanni Giolitti.
He wrote “The History of a premature seven-months-childbirth” and “The report over the municipal administration in 1893.”


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