Alessandro Fighera's portrait

The portrait of Alessandro Fighera can be seen in Martina Franca’s Ducal Palace, Piazza Roma.
It was made in the second half of the Nineteenth Century by the artist Alfredo Mattoni.


  • Photo by Alessandra Vinci moc.liamg|50icnivardnassela#| and Antonia Palamara moc.liamg|72aramalapallenotna#| ( January 2019 )


  • Giovanni Colucci, Pasquale Iacovazzo, Fedele Pavone, Martino Solito, La Medicina di famiglia a Martina Franca: testimonianze dalle origini ai giorni nostri. Edizioni Nuove proposte, Martina Franca 2007, pag. 62.

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