Alexis Carrel's last house and memorial plaque

These pictures show the house where Alexis Carrel lived from 1941 until his death, in 1944. The house is located in 54, Avenue de Breteuil , in Paris.


During this period, he retired from his occupation at Rockfeller Institute and returned to Europe to work as the director of the Fondation française pour l'étude des problèmes humains (INED), a role that caused him to be accused of cooperating with the Nazis, even though there are not certain proves1.The fact that Alexis Carrel found himself in Paris during those years was not given by chance: he felt his place was in France, and, as a matter of fact, he had renounced to return to United States via Spain.2


Here is also a closer picture of the memorial plate on the facade of the builiding, attesting his stay in this house during those years.

  • Photos and main text by: Rita La Marca moc.liamg|acramal.atir#| and Silvia Selvaggi moc.liamg|ss.lesissis#| (January 2019)

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