Alfonso Corti's last residence

Alfonso Corti’s last residence is the estate ”Tenuta Mazzolino”, where, due to rheumatoid arthritis, the scientist retired when he was only thirty and in the middle of his scientific career. The estate is located in Corvino San Quirico, (Via Mazzolino, 34). Alfonso Corti had acquired this estate, that later became a model farm for viticulture, as a part of his inheritance. In fact, his financial situation had improved thanks to his marriage to Maria Anna Carlotta Bettinzoli in 1855, who gave him two children. He spent the last 24 years of his life dedicating himself to agriculture and enology with the same enthusiasm with which he was once devoted to histological studies.


View from "Mazzolino estate"


Current Vineyard Map1.



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  • Photos and main text by Elena Fracchia ti.supmacinu|aihccarf.anele#| and Silvia Lorusso ti.supmacinu|ossurol.aivlis#| (January 2017), courtesy of Professor Paolo Mazzarello

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