Anatomischen Museums Basel

This Anatomical Museum is hosted in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Basel (Pestalozzistrasse 20). It was founded by Karl Gustav Jung in 1824. Original preparations of human body parts, organs and tissue are displayed in the museum. They are shown in a systematic and topographic order and describe the structure of the human body. Exhibits of prenatal development are also shown. Special exhibitions explain specific areas of anatomy in a way which is understandable for all visitors. The museum houses contemporary exhibits as well as numerous historically valuable preparations, which were restored using modern techniques and are now shown in new displays.

You can find this informations on the Museum's official website.


Among the many specimens displayed in the Museum, can be seen some example of organs preserved with maceration, plastination or treated with paraffin.


Maceration model: skull.


Paraffine model: heart.


Plastinated models: slices brain.


Plastinated models: kidneys and blood vessels.

  • Photos and main text by Federica Mansi ti.supmacla|isnam.aciredef#| and Isabella Fioretto ti.orebil|otteroif.asi#| (January 2015); first photo retrieved from

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