'Anatomy lessons at St Dunstan's' by Hodgson Lobley (1919)

This oil-on-canvas painting by English artist John Hodgson Lobley is displayed in the Medicine Man exhibition gallery of The Wellcome Building, in London.

"The setting is St Dunstan's, the town house in Regent's Park built by the architect Decimus Burton for the third Marquess of Hertford, whose collecting started what became the Wallace Collection. In World War I (1914-1918) it was used as St. Dunstan's Hostel for Blinded Military Personnel and Sailors.
This picture shows the instruction of medical trainees in human anatomy. They are being shown the insertion of the head of the femur at the hip-joint. The training takes place in one of the temporary canvas buildings erected in wartime on the terrace between the back of the house and the lawn. The house was later demolished"1.

  • Photo by ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l#ihgroB acuL (July 2011), courtesy of the Wellcome Library and the Wellcome Collection.

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