Andrea Amici

This page lists items in the database related to Italian physician Andrea Amici, who served pope Pius X and pope Pius XI as archiater (b. Rome, Italy, 1870; d. Rome, Italy, 20 December 1928):


Andrea Amici was born and lived in Rome. He studied Medicine at the university La Sapienza and later he became the chief at the hospital Santo Spirito in Sassia in Rome. He assisted pope Pius X, who later made him archiater, and, until his death, he served also pope Pius XI.
When pope Pius X died (20 August 1914), he produced his own written announcement of the death to the Mayor of Rome. This announcement is how follows:

Most Illustrious Sir and Mayor: It is my sorrow to inform you that today, Aug. 20, at the hour of 1.15 A.M., his Holiness Pope Pius X , known secularly as Giuseppe Sarto of Riese, ceased to live in the Vatican Palace, from bronchial pneumonia, aged 79 years.


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