This page lists items in the database related to the Oscan healing and snake Goddess Angizia:

Angizia was a Goddess who was worshipped on the shores of the Fucino lake. She was known to heal those who had been bitten by snakes and to kill snakes by spoken charms. Indeed, Marsian people were so knowledgeable in snakes that Claudius Galen asked them about a certain species of vipers. Some studies demonstrated that she was seen as the Godness of pain and probably her name comes from the verb “anguish”. Angitia was identified by the same symbols used for the daughter of Asclepius, the God of Medicine. However, these symbols changed in meaning with the passing of time and became linked to pharmacology1.

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- Cesare Letta, I Marsi e il Fucino nell'antichità, Cisalpino-Goliardica, Milano 1972, pp. 78-97.

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