Antigo Hospital de San Roque

The Antigo Hospital de San Roque (old Hospital of Saint Roch), with the annexed church, is located in Santiago de Compostela (Rua de San Roque, 2). "Promoted by Archbishop Blanco

"At the top of Rúa das Rodas, where Rúa de San Roque begins, we can see this 16th-century building that was transformed in the 18th century. It was built to provide health care due to the 16th-century plague epidemics and was dedicated to St. Roque, since he was one of the most popular saints whose protection was sought against the plague. The Renaissance façade attributed to Gaspar de Arce is the original one from the 16th century. Its structure has a rectangular ground plan and a cloister with two galleries. After its recent rehabilitation, it is now being used provisionally to house and exhibit Peter Eisenman's project for the future City of Culture.


Linked to the hospital, there is the baroque Church of San Roque, which also has a rectangular ground plan. It houses one of Simón Rodríguez's most important altarpieces"1.

  • Photos by Vittoradolfo Tambone (August 2019)

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