Antonino Sciascia's medical study

Antonino Sciascia's medical study1 can be seen in Canicattì at n.39 in the old town centre near the Badia,an Catholic Churce of 1600.Nowadays the medical study is unmanned.

Dr. Antonino Sciascia was not only a physician but, above all, a scientist. He studied in depth the effects of different colours of the prism_(optics) , undertaking to dissociate, select and vary the energy of the various rays of the spectrum, from a physical, biological and therapeutic point of view. He continued his studies on the therapeutic action of light in various diseases with tenacity and managed to prove that phototherapy acts not only on external surface teguments. We know that his therapeutic experiments began in 1890 with the "fotocauterio", the instrument he invented and got patented in 1894 by the appropriate ministry

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