Antonino Sciascia's monument

This marble statue1 of Antonino Sciascia, placed on a large stone base, can be seen in a square at the end of Via Dottor Sciascia a central street in Canicattì.
The square and the small garden around it were built a few years after Sciascia’s death,as a sign of gratitude and appreciation by the citizens.Anyway ,this is the only memorial statue that the town dedicated to the memory of Doctor Sciascia. Nowadays ,the square has become a sort of meeting point for the elderly and young people, who probably don’t even know the identity of the marble statue.
Next to the bust there is a commemorative plaque which expresses the feelings of the citizens: "AD ANTONINO SCIASCIA / GRANDE NELL'ESTIMAZIONE E NELL'AFFETTO DEI CONCITTADINI / PER LA SAPIENTE OPERA DI MEDICO. / ALL'INVENTORE DELLA FOTOTERAPIA / CHE VIVRA' RICORDATO NELLA STORIA DELLA MEDICINA / GLORIA IMPERITURA DELLA CITTA' NATIA E DELLA SCIENZA".(To A.S. with the greatest esteem and affection from his fellow townsmen for his wise conduct as a surgeon.To the inventor of phototherapy who will always be rembered in the history of the medicine as a glorious one for his birth town and for the Science)

  • Photos by Paola Vella moc.liamg|1allev.aloap#| (December 2011)
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