Antonio Cardarelli's hospital

The construction of the Cardarelli hospital was started in 1927. The architect was Alessandro Rimini.The New Modern Hospital of Naples was called, more simply, "Il 23 Marzo" (March 23rd, the day on which the Fascist Party was founded in 1919 by Mussolini). It was opened in 1934. The entire grounds were opened in 1942. The hospital was named after Antonio Cardarelli , one of the great names in Italian medicine in the early part of the twentieth century. Just in front of the big Hospital can be found Antonio Cardarelli's bust.


This statue can be found in the garden of Antonio Cardarelli's hospital. It is dedicated to the waiting of the ill patient and it is sculpted by Antonio Tammaro (1915-2011)

  • Photos and main text by Miriana Quaraniello ti.orebil|olleinarauq.anairim#| e Elena Galiffa moc.liamg|affilag.anele#| (October 2014)

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