Antonio Cardarelli's monument

This bronze head of Antonio Cardarelli can be seen in front of his birthplace in Civitanova del Sannio (Piazza Armando Diaz). It was unveiled on October 30th 1977, at 50 years of his death. During this event Antonio Ciolfi, then major of Civitanova del Sannio, said: “Today the whole town is celebrating: we don’t remind a dead man! We celebrate a living person because his works are still alive and his thoughts and teachings are very topical”. Giuseppe Tesauro, one of his students, and then Professor and Chancellor of the University of Naples took part in the ceremony. The Minister of Health Luciano De Falco was there, too.

The words carved out on the monument are: "ANTONIO CARDARELLI / CIVITANOVA / AL SUO ILLUSTRE / FIGLIO / NEL 50° DELLA / MORTE / 1927-1977"

  • Photos and main text by Maria Antonietta Di Pilla moc.liamg|49allipidyram#| and Milena Ricci ti.liamtoh|321anelim#| (November 2014)

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