Antonio De Martino's house

Italian physician Antonio De Martino was born and started his first studies in this house, situated in Palma Campania (Piazza Antonio De Martino), until he decided to enrol for the Medicine course at the University of Naples.

The building is actually located in the main square of the town: after it was fully restored, the square was dedicated to Antonio De Martino from the entire citizenship, to recognize his worthiness as physician and politician.1


The house can be predominantly seen from every glimpse of the square.


On the facade, two plaques can be seen: one of them is a reward from the citizenship, celebrating his fame as a scientist, professor and politician. The other one remembers his election as Senator of the Reign of Italy for scientific merit and his role in the foundation the "Società operaia di mutuo soccorso".


Antonio De Martino's effigy on his house facade.

  • Photos by Simone Catapano (December 2012)

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