Area of the "Manicomio Provinciale Santa Maria della Pietà"

The beginning of the construction of the new headquarters of the “Manicomio Provinciale Santa Maria della Pietà”, in the area of St. Onofrio in the countryside near Rome, dates back to 1908. It was inaugurated in 1914. The new complex consisted of 37 buildings over an area of 53 hectares and included, in addition to administrative and health structures, handicraft centers and factories too. Designed to host a thousand of patients, during the last years, it came to accommodate up to 3500 patients. The psychiatric hospital was closed following the establishment of the National Health Service (Law 23 December 1978, n. 833) and the assignment of responsibilities to the local health units. Since 1995, the hospital was given to the new heritage local health authority and, in 1999, the patients were fully transferred to the new territorial structures managed by the ASL (Local Health Authority). "


You can find the picture above at the entrance of the Museo Laboratorio della Mente

  • Image by Claudio D'Agostino moc.liamg|alcogad#| (December 2012)


- "Sguardi indiscreti su un insolita Roma"; For further information visit the Website's post: Santa Maria della Pietà (27 August 2009).

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