Asclepeion of Trikala

This Ancient Asclepeion is located in Trikala (Agiou Nikolaou street), a city in northwestern Thessaly, Greece. It was one of the most important healing temples of the Greek empire, devoted to the God Asclepius, where people from all over Greece used to look for healing treatments.

It is located under the hill of Castle Frurio, probably in the old town of Varusi.1

Unfortunately not much has survived to the passing time. However, there is one room with some cylinders that suggests us that it was used as a healing place: in fact, those cylinders were used to put on them wooden boards on which people used to lay. Under them there was hot water with healing herbs, so that they were inhalated and people could get cured.

  • Photos by Melania Stubos moc.liamg|sobutsainalem#| (November 2013)


- Eleni Balamori, "Touristikos odigos dimou trikkaion", Trikala 2007, pag. 8-9.

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