Associazione "Salvatore Calabrese"

With the purpose of following the eminent footprints of Salvatore Calabrese, the Associazione "Salvatore Calabrese" was founded on 28 September 2012 by his son, Alfredo, his grandson, Luca, and other relatives.

The location of the association is in Unità d'Italia, Street, Campi Salentina (Le), Italy.


Salvatore Calabrese passed down a humanistic view of life and one the aim of the Associazione “Salvatore Calabrese” is to continue his philanthropic activity. Another relevant aspect is the concept of “ time sharing”, which is promoted and studied by the association: it actually refers to a project that focuses human resources to achieve some goals in medical, solidarity and cultural areas.
As far as medical area in concerned, the Associazione "Salvatore Calabrese" is particularly active: it promotes the “Prevention culture”, especially in oncology, and tries to create a network of medical assistance based on solidarity and brotherhood between doctor and patient. The historical and cultural area is also very appreciated by the society, because the association funds and supports a lot of artistic events.
Thanks to all these initiatives, the Associazione "Salvatore Calabrese" has achieved great prestige and importance into the community.

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