Attilio Friggeri

Born on 1st june 1915, death fighting in the Second World War on 3rd june 1942 in the battle of Sebic, Slovenia. He was awarded the Gold Medal for military valor with this motivation: Medical officer of proven professional skills, driven by vibrant fighting spirit and patriotic, after a violent attack, led by surprise by relevant groups enemies against our advanced post, was offered voluntarily and was granted the opportunity of participating rescue. During the fierce fighting that followed, saw the fall of a platoon commander and realizing the crisis that would be determined in the department and that he would put in grave situation the entire company strongly committed, he assumed the command, and strengthening the example, the fighting spirit led him again to the assault. Mortally wounded, before expiring ordered the grenadiers few that were around him, and they do not care to continue doggedly to his action. Sublime example of high military virtues and absolute disregard for life.

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