Ausonio Zubiani

This page lists items in the database related to the Italian physician Ausonio Zubiani (b. Sondalo, Italy, 16 June 1869; d. Milan, Italy, 20 March 1921):

Ausonio Zubiani graduated in medicine and surgery in 1894 and not much later he wrote and published the essay “ Il privilegio della salute” ( “The prvilege of health”) on the magazine “Critica Sociale” (Social Critic). In 1899 he began to develop a project for the building of a sanatorium to host and take care of the people who suffered from respiratory disease, especially tuberculosis. In 1902 his dream became true and the sanatorium which originally takes his founder name was built in Pineta di Sortenna. The centre, at that time, was the first Italian sanatorium for the treatment of the chest disease. Meanwhile Zubiani realized the essay “La cura razionale dei tisici e i sanatori” (“The treatment of the tuberculosis affected people and the sanatoriums”).

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