Belliazzi baths on the "Gurgitello"

This building is located in the upper part of Casamicciola Terme in the district of Piazza Bagni and uses thermal spring of "Gurgitello", the oldest of the island. Since the days of the Ancient Rome, the therapeutic properties of the waters of "Gurgitello" spring, were appreciated and utilized. Pliny the Elder, in a treatise on the springs of the island, citing the therapeutic properties of the source of Gurgitello, experienced by soldiers stationed in Pozzuoli, which were on the island to unwind from the campaigns of the war. In this thermal complex Giuseppe Garibaldi spent a period of rest and care after being injured in Aspromonte. In his book about the thermal springs of the island Giulio Iasolino described the beneficial and healing properties of the "Gurgitello" spring. The current building was strongly required by King Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies, and was completed in 1854.

  • Photos by Emmanuel Lauro ti.oiligriv|49orualleunamme#| (February 2014)


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