Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité

The Museum of medical history of the Charité (Berlin) is located in the same area of the hospital. This structure was built up by Rudolf Virchow in 1899, in order to house his museum of anatomical pathology. Since its inauguration no changes regarding the structure occurred. The main areas are: the anatomical theatre, the autopsy room of the pathologist, the laboratory, the clinic and the historical room, which hosts 10 stories of disease dating about 300 years ago. Some temporary exhibition are often hosted: they deal both with the history of medicine and contemporary art, in order to find a dialogue between these different fields.1

  • Photos and main text by Minelli Raffaella moc.liamg|79illenim.alleaffar#| and Mannella Viviana ti.liamtoh|koolyviv#| (December 2017)

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