Bright, Addison and Hodgkin memorial tablet

This memorial tablet dedicated to Richard Bright, Thomas Addison and Thomas Hodgkin can be seen in the entrance corridor of the Edinburgh Medical School in Edinburgh. The English inscription reads as follows: "Richard BRIGHT 1798-1858 / MD Edin 1813 / Thomas ADDISON 1793-1860 / MD Edin 1815 / Thomas HODGKIN 1798-1866 / MD Edin 1823 / This plaque commemorates the contributions to medical sciences of / three distinguished graduates of the University of Edinburgh who subsequently served on / the staff of Guy's Hospital, London. Their names will forever be associated with / the diseases of which they were the first to give complete and accurate descriptions. / Acute post-streptococcal haemorrhagic glomerulonephritis / described in 1836 BRIGHT'S DISEASE / Adrenocortical insufficiency / described in 1849 ADDISON'S DISEASE / Pernicious Anaemia (Vitamin B12 deficiency) / described in 1849 ADDISONIAN ANAEMIA / Lymphadenoma (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) / described in 1836 HODGKIN'S DISEASE".

  • Photo by Marta Bertolaso (July 2010)

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