Camillo Golgi's holiday home

Camillo Golgi , famous Italian biologist, pathologist and scientist, used to spend his vacation days in this house in Varese (Via Giulio Bizzozero, 7). The memorial tablet was unveiled in 1927 on the front side of the building, and reads as follows:"QUI / NELLE FERIE ESTIVE / CAMILLO GOLGI / GLORIA / DELLA ISTOLOGIA E PATOLOGIA ITALIANA / RITEMPRAVA LE FORZE / PER LE SUE / TENACI PAZIENTI GENIALI RICERCHE / IL COMUNE / E / L'ORDINE PROVINCIALE DEI MEDICI / XI NOV MCMXXVII". ("Camillo Golgi, in this building, used to spend his vacation days, glory of Italian histology and pathology, regained his strength for his hard patient and brilliant researches. The district and provincial order of doctors, 11th November 1927").

View of the front side of Camillo Golgi's holiday home


Memorial tablet of Camillo Golgi

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