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Short after saint Camillus de Lellis' death (July 16,1614) the construction of the church started, next to the Camillian convent. St. Camillus's church represents, together with Camillus' birthplace and crypt, the main worship place and landmark of Bucchianico. The church hosts a permanent museum that traces Camillus' life around Italy (Rome, Puglia, Milan), his conversion, the original instruments he used to heal his patiens, the prototype of an ambulance and his original clothes.


The facade was renovated in 1921, as written in the iscription. The statue of the Saint located in the front niche echoes Pietro Pacilli's statue in St. Peter Basilica.

Saint Camillus' convent, next to the church.


The coats used by Camillus.


Camillus' dress with the characteristic red cross, symbol of the Camillian Order, recognized in 1591 by Pope Gregory XIV.

Some of the tools probably used by Camillus.


The model of the ambulance invented by Camillus to assist the soldiers.


"The Pope wanted that some Camillians went with the soldiers (in Austria, to fight the Ottoman Empire) to execute their mission in the theatre of war assisting injured and dying soldiers, during and after the battles. For the first time, priests and religious hospital assistants worked after the army…"1.

  • Photos by Nicola Potere (November 2012)


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