Camillus de Lellis' birthplace

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The house where Saint Camillus de Lellis was born is situated in Bucchianico (via San Camillo Cappellina, 52), a small village in the province of Chieti. Here Camillus lived until he was 17 when, after his mother's death, he joined the army.

The two-story house was owned by Capitan Giovanni de Lellis, Camillus' father, who lived here since his marriage with Madonna Camilla de Compellis. She gave birth to Camillus when she was nearly sixty and the birth was considered an extraordinary event. According to the popular tradition Madonna Camilla bore Camillus in the ground floor stable. The house was sold at Giovanni de Lellis' death and then bought back by the Camillians who preserved it as it was at Camillus' time.


The stable where, according to the popular tradition, Camillus was born.


The original linen frame used by Camillus' mother.

  • Photos by Nicola Potere (November 2012)


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