Camillus de Lellis' statue (2)

In Santa Maria Maddalena Church, in a small niche in the passage between the church and the sacristy, there is Saint Camillus de Lellis' white painted terracotta statue .


Saint Camillus de Lellis’s statue (inside the church)

Not long after the end of the work on the marble of Saint Camillus de Lellis’ statue in Basilica Vaticana in October 1753, the Camillians commissioned Pietro Pacilli to create a group of angels and cherubs for the main altar of Santa Maria Maddalena, the main church of the order of Camillians, to resemble the Vatican statue.

  • Main text and photos by Francesca Soriente moc.liamg|41acsecnarfetneiros#| and Sara Sergio moc.liamg|961oigresaras#| (January 2018)


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