Cappella “La Sanità” on the harbour of Bisceglie

This is all that remains of the old Chapel called “La Sanità” (The health) on the harbour of Bisceglie (via Taranto, 64). During the reign of Ferdinand IV, there was a fast spread of some epidemics, caused by the travellers who came from afar as well. Consequently, in 1764 the government created a building at the entry of the harbour for the protection of the public health. The ancient stone, still visible today, remembers that the foreigners who came from other countries, where there were some contagious diseases like the plague, were not immediately allowed to go into the town. Therefore they had to be in quarantine for observation. The building is called "Chapel" because Holy Mass was held inside on public holidays.

The plaque cites in Latin: “FERDINANDO IV MAX-PRIN / PUBLICAE SALUTI DUUM=VIRIS / SEDEM / VIGILIAE MDCCLXIV” and in the part below “UNDE ET QUA PUPPES HIC SAEUA EXAMINA SUNTO / FOEDA NE PEREAT PUBLICA PESTE SALUS” ("Under the reign of Ferdinand IV for two men responsible of public health – seat of 1764" and in part below "for all ships in and out, there are accurate examinations so that public health may not fail due to disastrous plague").


Plant of “Batteria del molo” of Bisceglie1

  • Recent photos and main text by Paola Nigri ti.supmacla|irgin.aloap#| and Paolo Certini ti.supmacla|initrec.oloap#| (December 2014)


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