Carriage Ambulance

The Carriage Ambulance can be seen just passed the entrance door of Tiberio Evoli Hospital in Melito Porto Salvo. It is the first sort of ambulance, which was given to the Hospital. It was used to carry sick people from the town station to the hospital. It was made of stained wood, in Pistoia, in the Liberty Style typical of the early 900s. In 1911, the Carriage Ambulance won the Great Prize at the International Exhibition in Turin. It is a real rarity, only the Italian Red Cross owns a similar one.


On the fortieth anniversary of the death of Tiberio Evoli (on July 2007), the FIDAPA charity Organization has restored and donated the Ambulance Carriage to the hospital where it is displayed.

  • Photos and main text by Carmen Bigliardo ti.supmacla|odrailgib.nemrac#| and Caterina Pizzi ti.supmacla|izzip.aniretac#| (December 2014)

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