Casa di Cura "Villa Elisa"

During the period in which Fortunata Megale worked as a neonatologist, to the Civil Hospital in Taurianova (RC), carrying on the consultancy work, she met the gynecologist Ettore Romeo in collaboration whit who she aspired to create the second biggest Childbirth Center of the entire Province of Reggio Calabria. Thus, with the lovely support and the incredible entrepreneurial skills of her husband, they set up in Cinquefrondi (RC), in the October 1976, the private care facility Casa di Cura Villa Elisa1 giving it the name of the couple’s youngest child, Elisa. Thus, the health center, specialised in Obstetrics and Gynecology with the related newborn infants' unit, became a reference point for many pregnant women who found there a safe place where receiving the appropriate assistance.2
At first it had the wards of: gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology and ophthalmology, today it has been subject to a modification, consisting in a reorganisation of the units, which are: intensive rehabilitation, long-term care, ophthalmology, diagnostics with MRI scan, CAT (computerised axial tomography) and radiology. Furthermore, the Casa di Cura "Villa Elisa" has entered into a partnership with the Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico since 2014, supporting the free campaign Un Respiro per la Vita .

This is the main entrance of the Casa di Cura "Villa Elisa"


Left and Right view of the Casa di Cura "Villa Elisa"


This is a witness of the inauguration of the Casa di Cura “Villa Elisa” in 1976. In the foreground there is Fortunata Megale wearing a beige dress, behind who, on the third step, there is her husband dressed in grey. They are both surrounded by the equipe of midwives.


This photo captures Fortunata Megale and other two surgeons who worked in the Casa di Cura “Villa Elisa”, specifically at the moment of the inauguration of its delivery room. In fact there could be seen specific equipments and part of the surgical bed.

  • Photos by Diletta Versace ti.supmacla|ecasrev.attelid#| and Mariagrazia Zampogna ti.supmacla|angopmaz.m#| (December 2017)
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