Cesare Lombroso's home

Criminologist and anthropologist Cesare Lombroso lived in this building in liberty style in Turin (via Legnano, 26). This was the coronation of a life-long dream for Lombroso. He moved in this building in 1876 when he obtained the professorship at the University1.Lombroso desired to join Turin’s cultural environment and continue his studies on Psychiatry and mental degeneracy.
Unfortunately Lombroso was not warmly accepted into Turin's cultural environment: "no scientific Academy was available to him (however the Istituto Lombardo decreed a price on a memoir on blood transfusion […]; instead Turin's Sciences Academy, decided to ignore Lombroso's efforts)".2.Lombroso managed to carry on with his studies through the comfort of his study – which he set just a few steps away from the University and the Library in Via Po. Only in 1878, he managed to hold a free course on Psychiatry3.

  • Photos and main text by Michela Furbatto and Elisa Tiracorrendo moc.liamg|ottabruf.alehcim#| (December 2015)


- Luigi Bulferetti, Cesare Lombroso, UTET, Torino 1975, pp. 253-257

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