Chiostro di Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Cloister of the Holy Mary of Grace also known as the Cloister of Maternity ( Il Chiostro di Santa Maria delle Grazie o Chiostro della Maternità), one of the most famous Naples' courtyard, is located in the Hospital for Incurables (Ospedale degli Incurabili).It has a rectangular plan and its six arcades are supported by several pillars made of trachytic rock; visitors can also admire its cross vaults with floral patterns, breathing the magic atmosphere of a place which hosted the “Academy of Indolents” (Accademia degli Oziosi), a literary association made up of famous Seventeenth Century poets and writers such as Giovanni Battista Marino.

  • Photos by Piergiorgio Turco (November 2011)

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