Christian Doppler's home

Christian Doppler’s home can be seen at N.4133 of Riva degli Schiavoni, in Venice, five hundreds meters away from St Mark’s Square, between Rio de la Pleta and Rio de la Ca’en Duo. In this home Doppler spent the last years of his life (1852-1853). He moved from Vienna to Venice because he contracted pulmonary disease and he needed warmer climate to improve his health.

On the facade of the house there is the following Italian inscription: “IN QUESTA CASA/ IL 17 MARZO 1853 MORI’/ IL GRANDE/ FISICO E MATEMATICO AUSTRIACO/ CHRISTIAN DOPPLER/ CHE SCOPRI/ L’EFFETTO DOPPLER/ N[ato]. SALISBURGO, 29.NOVEMBRE 1803/ M[orto].VENEZIA, 17.MARZO 1853”.

  • Photos and main text by Mario Di Diego ti.orebil|ogeidid_oiram#| and Noemi Morelli ti.oiligriv|illerom.imeon#| (November 2014)


- Peter M. Schuster, Moving the Stars - Christian Doppler: His Life, His Works and Principle, and the World After, Living Edition, Pöllauberg (Austria) 2005, pp.123.

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