Claudio Fermi's memorial tablet

This is a memorial tablet placed in the Old University of Sassari dedicated to Claudio Fermi. He became a medical teacher of hygiene in the this University in 1894. He gave relevant contributions to the struggle against malaria and rabies. The Italian inscription on the tablet reads as follows:"CLAUDIO FERMI/ 14.I.1862-17.VI.1952/ IN QUESTO ATENEO/ CHE NON VOLLE MAI ABBANDONARE/ COLTIVO' ED INSEGNO'/ LE DISCIPLINE IGIENICHE/ ACQUISTANDO FAMA MONDIALE/ NEL CAMPO DELLA MALARIA/ E DELLA/ VACCINAZIONE ANTIRABBICA".

  • Photos and main text by Nicoletta Miano moc.liamg|onaim.attelocin#| and Sara Fadda ti.ilacsit|59addaf.aras#| (January 2015)
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