Collection Of Austrian St George Hospital Istanbul
The collection of Austrian St. George Hospital consists of many old pieces of equipment used in the start of the 19th century all the way to today. The pieces included are mainly focused on the real equipment that the hospital used when it first opened to service in 1872 and therefore include a lot of ophthalmology and ENT instruments of the time with other surgical and cardiological pieces added over time as these fields opened. The pieces are mostly retired pieces from the hospital's own use as new instruments became available and the hospital modernized thus the collection houses equipment from different time periods and professions. Visitors of the hospital can find these instruments scattered all over the hospital categorized by profession and placed near the clinics of the corresponding field’s clinics so the patients can view these historic pieces while they wait for their appointment to get an idea of the progression of technology in their respective field of speciality they came to visit.
The hospital also includes many paintings in different categories. There is a painting of St George displayed in the hospital's main stairs leading to the old clinics and the OR. The hospital is also covered with art pieces painted by the hospital staff including doctors, the main contributor to this section is the current orthopedic surgeon of the hospital with many of his artistic depictions of medical fields such as OB/GYN, cardiology, surgery etc. displayed all around the hospital.
There is a section of hospital in front of the main patient elevators in the ground floor dedicated to the memory of people who served the hospital in the administrative level. Plaques with the names and years of service of chief physicians and head of the hospital are placed in this section from the day the hospital was born to commemorate their participation. The last entry in this section has SR. Joanna Bacmaga as the Head of the Hospital (2015) and Dr. Nizam Kurtdere as the Chief Physician (2020) with many others before them.
Perhaps one of the more interesting pieces in the collection is the official certification given by the Ottoman Authorities regarding the start of the hospital in its current form. This piece however unfortunate is not displayed for the visitors of the hospital, as it is hanging in the wall of the administrative board meeting room only displayed to the members of the board along with officials frequently visiting from the Austrian and German embassies in Istanbul including many envoys and the ambassador from both countries.
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