Coltea Hospital

Coltea Hospital (Spitalul Coltea) is located in Bucharest (B-dul I.C.Bratianu nr. 1 Sector 3).

The hospital opened its doors on the 14th of December 1704 and counts with three centuries of continuous and uninterrupted functioning. It became a university hospital and it was there where many medical and surgical premieres took place, with both national and international impact. The units that we will mention were the first in our country and were ruled by prestigious professors: ophthalmology, urology, radiology, radiotherapy, dentistry, ICU unit. Moreover, the following events are in deep correlation with the Coltea Hospital.

One of the best professors of internal medicine in Romania was Ion Nanu Muscel, whose contributions to bringing the hospital “up to date” with other European hospitals consists in implementing cholecystography and pneumoperitoneum as diagnostic tools.

In 1895, Nicolae Manolescu imagines a new and original surgical technique in cataract surgery and in the same year Dimitrie Gerota applies the injection of the lymph vessels with Prussia blue tint.

In 1902, Thoma Ionescu performed at this hospital the first total lymph-adeno-colpo-hysterectomy in cancer of the uterine cervix using his own method and also described and performed the technique of abdomino-perineal rectal resection with illio-obturatory nodes debridement, both being one of the first worldwide initiatives in surgical oncology.

In 1934, Amza Jianu performs the Lexer-Jianu procedure of transplant of the masseter muscle in facial paralysis.

A few years ago, the hospital was renovated and modernized and one of the old wings became a museum. After that, in 2013, The Romanian Surgical Society re-took its meetings in the amphitheatre where it was set up in 1898.

All of the above as many other facts and excellent doctors that we haven’t mentioned transformed Coltea Hospital into a medical unit where nowadays both tradition and modernity encounter.

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