Cosmas and Damian's fresco

This fresco can be seen in Filippa Mareri's chapel in Borgo San Pietro and shows Saints Cosmas and Damian.
In this fresco, they are holding the medical tools of the trade.
The martyr brothers Cosmas and Damian are remembered for having been anargiri doctors, that means "without money", in fact they worked with absolute disinterest, without ever asking for retribution either in money or in another kind1.


  • Photo and main text by Gaia De Angelis moc.liamg|8991silegnaed.aiag#| and Greta Mollo moc.duolci|ollom.aterg#| (December 2018)


  • Luca Borghi, UMORI, Il fattore umano nella storia delle discipline mediche, Società Editrice Universo, Roma 2012, pp.330

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