Crucifix and Mourning People

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The table painting, representing the Crucifix and the mourning people, is placed in the museum of San Matteo's Cathedral in Salerno (via Largo Plebiscito). It was originally housed in St. Benedict church in Salerno and it dates back to the 13th century.1 After Napoleonic suppressions, the crucifix was moved to the church of St.Mary of the Piety, which was, for this reason, dedicated to the Holy Crucifix. This crucifix is a wonderful example of 13th century painting, even if it is in conditions of extreme deterioration because of a fire that damaged it in the XVIII century.2


The painting is also known as '’Crucifix of Pietro Barliario’’. In fact, according to the legend, his nephews, Fortunato and Secondino, were in his laboratory during his absence and they died, playing with some toxic substances. Pietro felt guilty, so, one day, he went to the church of St.Benedict and started praying in front of the crucifix for three days and nights, becoming the protagonist of a miracle. In fact, on the third day, Jesus raised his head, giving him his pardon.3


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