Cuore e grossi vasi

Cuore e grossi vasi is the denomination of an anatomical preparation preserved in the Medical Equipment Museum of Siena.

The anatomical preparation is part of the collection of Anatomical Instrumentation that comes from the historical material of the Gabinetto Anatomico of the University of Siena.1


The model was devised by the dissector Pilade Lachi in 1879. It was used especially in physiological studies.

The front-view of the model


Particularly, guests can observe the different coloration used for each section of the organ.

This technique was employed by teachers to make the understanding of the lesson easier for the students.

The rear-view of the model

  • Photos and main text by Federica Valcarenghi moc.liamg|aciredefihgneraclav#| and Giulia Palmieri moc.liamg|89ailuigmlap#| (December 2017)
  • Courtesy of Dr. Davide Orsini, director of the SIMUS


- Gigliola Terenna e Francesca Vannozzi (a cura di..), Il Museo Anatomico "Leonetto Comparini": Gli strumenti scientifici, NIE, Siena 2004, pp 223

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