Domenico Barduzzi's home

As remembered by a memorial tablet on the facade, Domenico Barduzzi lived and died on February 27, 19291, in this house of Siena (via S. Martino, 31).

The Italian inscription reads as follows: “IN QUESTA CASA / CHE NE VIDE LE LABORIOSE VIGILIE / SI SPEGNEVA / IL XXVII FEBBRAIO MCMXXIX-VII / DOMENICO BARDUZZI / MAESTRO INSIGNE / DI / DERMOSIFILOPATIA / DERMATOLOGIA / STORIA DELLA MEDICINA / [MCMXXXIX-XVII]”2(In this home, that saw his laborious vigils, died, on XXVII February MCMXXIX-VII, Domenico Barduzzi, eminent professor, of, dermosyphilopathy, dermatology, history of medicine, MCMXXXIX-XVII).

View of the front side of Domenico Barduzzi's home


Memorial tablet of Domenico Barduzzi

Today the memorial tablet is almost illegible.

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