Domenico Cirillo's monument

A bronze monument of Domenico Cirillo has been erected in Grumo Nevano (Piazza Domenico Cirillo), the town where he was born in 1739. The statue, a work by the Italian sculptor Enrico Mossuti, was inaugurated in 1906 but it was abandoned. The statue represents the scientist standing with his left hand holding loose sheets of paper against his chest and his right hand holding a quill. On the base, the inscription remembers that he was recognized an authority on scientific matters and a patriot, moreover it mentions that in the 1949 the town council put up the bronze monument in the square "Domenico Cirillo".1.

  • Photos and main text by Maddalena Immobile Molaro ti.supmacla|oralomelibommi.m#|, Gaia Pianese ti.supmacla|esenaip.g#| (October 2014)


- Bruno D'Errico, Sosio Capasso, Arturo Armone Caruso, Franco Pezzella, Domenico Cirillo, Istituto di Studi Atellani, Grumo Nevano 1999, pp. 39

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