Domenico Cotugno's tomb

Domenico Cotugno died on October 6, 1822, and his wife Ippolita wanted him to be buried in the crypt of the church of San Vincenzo de’ Paoli in Naples (via Vergini).

Cotugno's tomb was damaged during the second World War and since then his remains were virtually missed. In 2018, two local physicians, Arturo Amone Caruso and Antonio Del Prete, with the help of two members of the cultural association "Getta la rete", Annamaria Corallo and Giovanna Moresco, could locate part of the original tombstone and the niche with the remains of Cotugno, inside the hypogeum chapel of Duchess of Sant'Elia1.

  • Photos by Arturo Amone Caruso ti.orebil|racomra#| (November 2018)

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