Elizabeth Blackwell Memorial

An original monument to the memory of Elizabeth Blackwell has been erected in Asheville, North Carolina in the United States.

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive an M.D. degree from an American medical school (in 1849, at Geneva College, New York).

She began privately her medical studies in Asheville in 1845 - when she was 24 - under Dr. John Dickson (formerly a physician), for whom she taught music at Dickson private school for girls. The school was located on the actual site of the Drhumor Building (first photo).

As she tells in her autobiography: "During my few months' stay in this friendly house-hold I borrowed medical books from the Doctor's library, for my purpose of becoming a physician was known and approved of"1.

The monument (second photo) is on the side of the Wachovia Bank Building on Patton Avenue, just across the street from the Drhumor Building (designed by Edward L. Tilton, 1925).


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