Epifanio Ferdinando's birthplace

Epifanio Ferdinando was both a philosopher and a doctor. He was born in his family home situated in one of the several squares in the historical centre of Mesagne (Piazzetta dei Ferdinando). Epifanio Ferdinando lived in this house until the 4th October 15881 then he moved to Naples to pursue his medical education. He was awarded a degree in 1594 and one year later he moved back to Mesagne.


The facade bears Ferdinando's family crest, which has been analysed and studied by Dott. Amedeo Elio Distante.The initial belief was that the family crest represented a lion holding an eel in its jaws. Subsequently Amedeo Elio Distante realised that the object held by the lion was indeed a horseshoe2.

  • Photos and main text by Marianna Claudia Oriolo ti.liamtoh|oloiroannairam#| and Claudia Smarra moc.liamg|arrams.aidualc#| (December 2018), courtesy of Dott. Amedeo Elio Distante



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